about the fit way

Welcome to The Fit Way. My name is Emma, I’m a local in Skennars Head, Mum to a six year old boy and am passionate about fitness and nutrition. I have many years experience in the health and wellness industry including founding a successful health food company, gaining qualifications to teach fitness and pilates (as well as additional fitness courses completed each year), managing gyms, and starting The Fit Way. 

The Fit Way is a community where ALL women are welcome. Classes are designed with exercise variations (easier and harder options) so EVERYONE gets a good workout! You can join on a membership, class pack or come along on a casual basis – my aim is to make the The Fit Way accessible and affordable for all women. 

Having a positive mindset around body image is key and something I try my best to encourage with women. Looking after yourself through fitness, nutritious food, social connection and being in a positive environment helps us all to get healthy both physically and mentally! So if you are ready, come and join our community of women that inspire, support and live our best lives through movement and beautiful connections. Try one of our group fitness classes! Or contact me directly about personal training.