group training

FIT Full Body 45min

Our signature class! Expect a diverse range of resistance and cardio exercises for a full body workout in a circuit style session. This class will improve overall strength, balance, mobility, posture and cardio fitness. Programming is fun, varied and suited to all levels of fitness as you work at your own intensity and pace.


Get your heart rate up, strengthen and tone your upper body and core! Partnered boxing and pad work, HIIT, conditioning and core work in one class. Boxing for fitness improves hand-eye coordination, balance, strength and cardio and is a great stress release and mood enhancer! No boxing experience required.

Mat Pilates & stretch 60min

45 Minutes of Mat Pilates + 15 Minutes of Stretching. Ideal for beginner and intermediate clients. Strengthen and stretch your entire body especially your pelvic floor, abdominals and buttocks (glutes). 9.30am Monday class is baby and kid friendly. A low impact and restorative class, with a focus on control, precision, breath work and concentration.

FIT MUMS 60min

9.30am classes to work in with school and daycare drop-offs. (Note our 5.00pm and Saturday classes are also child friendly). Bring your little people or come alone for some ‘you’ time. All levels of fitness welcome, this class is just as much about mental health as it is physical health. Exercise modifications given as required.¬†

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